In this article, some questions and answers related to audio visual equipment. You might know a little about audio visual equipment but maybe not much things. So, read this article, if you don’t know much about audio visual equipment or if you want to know more about it.

What is the warranty of the audio visual equipment?

The warranty of the audio visual equipment vary from company to company. Although, the standard warranty or the warranty given by most audio visual companies in Dubai is one year.

How can a wired mic and a wireless mic be differentiated? Also, which one is better any why?

The mics that haves wires have slow working and unmanageable to pass here and there. Along with this, they make the discussion’s running dead quickly. Mics that are wireless can be easily handled, engages the people present around you can also be used for either events or small events. This is why the mic that is wireless is better and for the reasons mentioned in the previous point.

How can stage monitors be defined?

Stage monitors are basically fronting monitors that are used to louden the sound of the performer. You can read here more about stage monitors.

What are the benefits of lighting of stage?

The lighting of stage is beneficial that it can control the mood, particular focus, designing, clarity and make the atmosphere and feel of the event perfect.

What is the importance of comfort monitor?

The importance of comfort monitor is that even if the person is on the stage, he can read whatever is on the monitor. This means you don’t have to go near to the monitor again and again to read.

What is the importance of amplification?

Amplification is based on the size of your room and the arrangement of the audio.

What are the prices of audio visual equipment?

The prices of audio visual equipment vary from company to company just like the warranty. If you want to know the price of any particular equipment, then you will have to contact the particular company.

How to decide what kind of speakers you need?

There are a number of speakers you could choose from. But, you should choose speakers according to the size of the room, presentation’s type, aesthetics, etc.

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