If you are in the mid of the process of building a new house, you will have to call upon a professional and experienced plumber to install water and sewerage lines throughout the new construction. It is a long term investment; hence require special attention while hiring a plumber and buying quality tools and equipment.

Similarly, if someone buys a home he must keep a list of handyman services and save their contact numbers as ‘emergency contacts of electricians, cleaning services or plumbers near me’. Hang or paste this list on your fridge or cupboard or store it in your mobile or computer.

It is difficult to find a reliable and experienced plumber in emergency situations at once. Thereby it is important to have someone already in your knowledge who is a phone call away.

Some of the best ways which may help you to find a trusted plumber in your locality are:


If it’s an emergency situation, do not panic and try to contact any of your neighbors, friends or relatives who might suggest a plumber they know.

You may also look for plumbing services over yellow pages or phone directories.

However, it is always better to have information about any such emergency contacts prior to a catastrophic situation. Do your research and look for references, word of mouth is still the most reliable source to trust in such matters.

Other technicians or handyman services

You may have come across other technicians or handy workers before. Contact them for asking if they offer plumbing services as well or if they can give you contact of a trusted plumber. Most handyman services or small businesses like plumbing and electrician workshops need to form a customer base where they can regularly find work or reference based sales. Handyman services are mostly a phone call away, willing to work as they are mostly daily wages workers. If you have a nearby handyman service or workshop, go now, take their contact number and enlist your number with them as a prospective client.

Online search

Google search for handyman services near you. Look for social media groups or pages that might recommend someone to be trusted within your home and available at affordable rates. There are website and apps available to look for competent workmanship as well. So, now if your tap, boiler or a pipe line has got a leak and you need a reputable plumber who will not exploit you to fix it fairly quickly, follow these tips and advices to avoid money waste.

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