There are several ways to increase your house storage Dubai and some of them are very expensive in which you will have to buy new items to store your old stuff or you have to get services of a company to help you in storing your stuff cleverly. But the easiest and less expensive way to create new personal storage units Dubai is by using old stuff in a different manner. In this process you will also enjoy a lot as there are creative ideas involved and you can even involve your kids and they will also enjoy the process. Here are a few ways to do this:

Old cans: We use different items in our daily routine that comes in tin cans and they will go wasted when we finish the tings inside them as we throw them away. There are cans of chips, ready to use food, milk, sodas and of so many things but now you do not have to throw them away. You can use them to store different small items which otherwise slips away from your table and then you have to search them to use. You can paint or decorate them with wrapping sheets of other shimmery items, buttons or whatever you have at your home. You can store your extra markers, color pencils, paper clips, push pins or any other item in those decorated cans and they will look beautiful.

Hanger: Every house has a lot of hanger to hang the clothes but do you ever think of using them in any other way. Now here you will find the idea of using them to organize and display your jewelry and small mufflers or scarfs. You just need to have a hanger, few hooks and glue. Make sure that you are taking strong glue. Take the hanger and glue the hooks on the bottom straight part of the hanger and let that glue dry. After that you can either hang it in your closet or you can make a beautiful board out of felt sheet to display this hanger on the wall. Now you are free to use it, display your necklaces and bracelets on these hooks or you can hang your scarfs and mufflers to use them immediately with any outfit without searching your entire closet. Hang them near mirror and closet.

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