A product can have more than many shapes. Even the smallest thing like a sewing needle has different type and characteristics that make it special. And people of now are always in need of options. If a thing is genuine and it is the finest of its kind, people will still want to see more of them, meaning to say more of option of the same thing. At some point, we also think that it is the right thing to ask for. As the world of today is filled with fraudsters and scammers and they are so good at this they even sell things that look rare but are a full on copy.

There was a very funny incident that a super tycoon businessman of India having business across the world was fond of Indian signed cricket equipment and he bought whatever he thought was unique or you can say he was told in such way. One day, he got insider tip and the rumors say that he smashed the sellers head with fake sign famous Indian cricket player. So, having options is a good thing so that you don’t go smashing people’s head. If you are buying a vape and you are finding the one that has many characteristics then we suggest that you buy a pod mod, it is a kind of vape itself and this was suggested to us by shops who sell and buy vape in Dubai online and by the best vape store in Dubai;

  1.  One day vapes will become old and pod mods will be the actual game. They are called the smoking toys of the rich people. these are similar to cig a likes and they use nicotine and salt e juices. You can say that these mod pods are way to advanced version of vapes.
  2. The open system mod pod has a mouth piece, refillable pod and it comes with a  cartridge and the closed system mod pod has a disposable pod, LED battery indicator and a mouth piece and it comes with a USB charger.
  3. The benefit of it is that it uses very less battery.
  4. It makes you leave traditional cigarette.
  5. It is easy to use.
  6. It is easy to carry.
  7. You can even carry it in your pocket.

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