When talking about recycling, environment friendly materials, eco-friendly stuff, and the going green phenomenon the terms referred to as biodegradable and compostable are widely used.

What are biodegradable materials?

Any product that is plant-based, animal-based or natural mineral-based is usually biodegradable, something that will break down into carbon and water that are relatively harmless components. However, they will break down at different rates depending on the original material it’s made up of and how much has it been processed. 

What are compostable materials?

Compostable means that a product is capable of breaking down into natural elements(humus/organic matter) in a compost environment causing no harm to the environment as they release valuable nutrients into the soil, aiding the growth of trees and plants.

Biodegradable and compostable utensils

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) provides consumers with a superior level of assurance that the items bearing BPI certified approval, adhere to a strict standard of compostability.

In today’s fast-moving world where people are making things easier and hassle-free for themselves, introducing disposable utensils and packaging in our daily lives has become more of a need than a trend. But do we ever consider how much waste it adds up to the environment? All these plastic utensils end up piling up landfills and not being recycled; however, a better alternative rather a boom that has taken the job seriously and is environment friendly, known in the market as biodegradable plastic or cutlery.

Eco-friendly utensils are made from corn starch and other biodegradable “plastic” fillers. Biodegradable utensils are similar to their normal plastic counterparts; the only difference is that they won’t deposit in landfills but rather be used in your compost bins.

These eco-friendly utensils are highly beneficial to your garden tossing them into your compost bin or stack instead of the trash can. Mostly the packaging of the utensils too is biodegradable, which means that can be added into your compost bin, as well.

Made out of corn starch and other eco-friendly mediums, these biodegradable utensils won’t harm your compost heap, making it nutrient-rich compost. However, if you plan to toss these utensils into your compost bin, it can take anywhere from six to 18 months for them to fully decompose.If you want to get more info about biodegradable and compostable food containers, utensils and packaging click here for details.

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