According to the best cardiologist in Dubai clinic, there are uncountable types of heart issues and there are some incurable heart issues as well. And, in this pandemic, when the people had less sun almost a year, many people developed different types of heart issues that left the doctors in shock. Your heart has to be healthy as a horse. Because it has 24/7 job; pumping the blood in your whole body. And that is not an easy job. It has to see different heart breaks and shocks and a healthy heart can take a lot.

We have heard of a shocking discovery by the best dermatologist in Dubai that if the heart is not healthy, you can develop different types of skin issues as well. this means that almost all the issues of the issues of the body can be linked to the heart. You can see for yourself, in the movies, when a person has to be given an electric shock to save the person’s life, it is given on heart. Because even though the brain has to be more active than the heart still, the brain is dependent on a single beat to come back to life. And that is why we have mentioned some tips about how to keep a heart healthy.

Stop Smoking: other than any other drug, more than 1 million people die due to smoking. It can not only effect your lungs, but it can thicken blood and that can cause the blood vessels to clot and that results in getting heart bypass and seldom people survive that.

Manage Weight: in America, more people die due to obesity as compared to smoking or getting killed in an accident. This is because the body exceeds the weight and requires more blood in all parts of body and when the heart fails to do so, then the body responds less and resulting in heart failure.

Avoid Stress: stress, depression and anxiety and names like that are the third reasons of getting a heart attack. Try to indulge yourself in different activities. Channel that negative energy in something more positive and see your heart getting better.Eat Healthy: this is also linked with managing weight. Unless or until you don’t eat healthy, you will gain weight or lose weight drastically, which is bad in both cases specially for heart.

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