Human mind is a very complicated machine and it works 24 hours a day without taking a rest even when a person is sleeping, his brain will be still active and doing some of its work. This will control the entire body and if there will be any problem in that then the entire body will suffer and the person will be in need to of getting the right kind of treatment of he wants to live a good life after that. There are many institutes about mental health in the UAE that provide the best psychiatrist in Dubai. There is no need to feel embarrassed when you need any kind assistance from a psychiatrist. Here you will know about the types of mental disorder:

PDD: It is a kind of disorder which is named as the persistent depressive disorder and it named showed that when the depression will be there with e person persistently like for more than 2 years then they will be diagnosed as PDD patient. In this people will change their eating habits and also sleeping pattern will change entirely.

BD: It is another problem known as Bipolar disorder and in this people will feel mood swings more than normal. They will get happy to the extreme and then they will get depressed to the extreme. They will show behaviors on two different extremes and when they are in the lowest extreme they will have a great attack of depression. Medicines will help in regulating these mood swings to an extent.

SAD: It is a mental health disorder named as seasonal effective disorder in which people will start acting strangely according to the change in season or weather. It is very common and sometimes people will not even take it as a type of depression as thy think it is normal to have changed behavior or mood due to the change in weather. People will suffer form it mostly in the winter as there is less sunlight and for proper functioning of a human body, there will be a need of sunlight. In winters sun will goes up for less time and it will cause this problem. People who have this will need to get some anti-depressant and they will help a lot also they need to take some therapy too in which artificial light is used.