Going to another country and knowing much about it is the best thing. It is a proven thing that when we learn more about the other country and we show to those native country people that we have knowledge about their country then they feel happy that someone from the outside knows about their culture. We have seen many people get so happy that they offer many gifts and cuisines just because they know some of their language. Well, there are tons of things to do if you want to impress other country people.

Every country has their own culture and heritage and the best ones are those who are under developed and they emerge as a super power and one many is Qatar. You will be surprised to know that there more than half a million Google searches of how to apply US visa in Qatar and there are many people who get Australian visa Doha. Qatar is also becoming a land of dreams and if you are travelling to Qatar, then we suggest that you know some facts about Doha;

  • From Poor to Rich: we all know that Qatar is the land where mostly rich people live and you will be shocked to know that once Qatar was the poorest country and they emerged like a phoenix and now they are the biggest oil suppliers.
  • Qatar is Old: there are many evidences like spear heads, pottery pieces, mounds of burial and rock cravings that are from 4000 B.C. and this shows that Qatar is very old.
  • Family Rulers: there are some families that are so powerful that they can control the countries and same goes with Qatar, it was ruled by the Al Thani family for more than 200 years since 1825.
  • Outside Assistance: no matter how the country may be strong, there is some aid that any country can need at any time and, in 1916, Britain has to took control of foreign policy of Qatar and, in return they got protection.
  • Independence of Qatar: the Independence Day of Qatar is 3rd September 1971.
  • Flag of Qatar: the flag of Qatar is in white and maroon color and the maroon colors shows the blood shed for Qatar’s Independence and the white represents peace and there are nine serrated edges on the flag as well.